Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Blue House

We arrived back to CO on Monday morning.

We drove for 20 hours. Rick drove the whole way.

The winds were very strong, our truck was very heavy laden, and it snowed for the last several hours of our drive.

At one point, he thought we may need to stop somewhere overnight.

Thankfully, we were able to make it through and get home.

The drive was filled with movie watching, breathing treatments, bathroom breaks, and even some fighting at various points.

As we pulled into the driveway, Laila screamed, "My blue house, my blue house!"

We were all relieved to arrive. Our beds felt so good last night.

Today the kids headed back to school, Rick headed back to work, and I am overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.

I told Rick that today is like a big "slap in the face" of reality. There is no easing back in.

I have to remind myself that new mantra I am proclaiming, "What HAS to be done today?"

So far, this is what I have accomplished:
-got the 3 big kids to school(Sam is staying home sick).
-returned an item to Target.
-went to the bank.
-shopped at Wal-mart(after that one, I was ready to come home and go to bed!).
-fed the 3 little ones lunch.
-cleaned my kitchen.
-went through the mail from while we were gone.
-2 loads of laundry.

I HAVE to focus on what I have done, not what still needs to be done. That has to be how I live my life.

I am processing a lot in my heart from our trip. I can't fully articulate it.

God did more in me than I think I realized at the time.

Hopefully, I will be able to share soon.

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