Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Week in KY

Our KY trip was very eventful. I have shared about Isaiah's hospital stay, but that was just a small portion of the trip. I will share the rest in pictures:
Our crew all loaded up in the truck
Papa, Grammy and the grandkids
Our traditional leaving "KY to go back to CO Brunch"
Abby got her dad's old keyboard. Now she can finally begin learning to play
She started with Grammy's first piano book and has already learned several songs.
Grammy got robes for all the kids.
The Clapp Ladies and Rick
One of my favorite things in KY is sitting on my parents' porch in the morning with our pajamas on, drinking coffee and hanging out with the fam. Abby is demonstrating for us here.
Rick got a quick fishing trip in with some of the kids one morning.
Isaiah missed out because I took him to the ER.

Thanksgiving Day at Papa and Grammy's house
The Kid Table
The Adult table
Thanksgiving Day at Grandma's house
15 grandkids
I loved this picture of Sam, Zachery, and Caleb
Grandma with ALL of her grandkids
Isaiah and Laila were not happy!
Grammy and Isaiah
Grammy and Laila
Papa and Isaiah
We met Grandma and some of the cousins at McDonalds one day.
One of my favs
The boy cousins like to wrestle with their shirts off!
Emily and Isaiah
Annual dinner out at Cracker Barrel with Papa and Grammy
Grandma was brave enough to do a cousins' sleepover
She had 11 of the cousins all night long!
This is not even everything. All of the cousins went to Extreme Gymnastics one day as well. Most of those pictures turned out blurry.

The big kids also loved playing with my parents' neighbors kids. They spent lots of time on the trampoline and at each others' houses.

We drank lots of Sweet Tea. We ate way too many sweets. There was video game playing, movie watching, many trips to the ever popular Wal-mart, and staying up late many nights.

Rick and I took Cody to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was great. We can't wait for part 2.

Rick and I even got in a date night to Bowling Green: Outback, shopping at the mall, and Starbucks.

It was a really good trip.

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