Thursday, November 11, 2010


I had to share this story with you about what Isaiah said today.

We were at Wal-mart.

We walked past the Sporting Goods section.

He saw a display case with guns in it.

Isaiah: "Ooh, look, Mommy, guns."

Me: "Yes, Isaiah, I see them.

Isaiah: "Can we buy one?"(with excitement and wonder in his voice)

Me: "No, Isaiah, we can't buy a gun today."

Isaiah: "Oh, their not on sale?"

That really made me laugh. He never really questioned that we weren't buying a gun because a 3 year old doesn't need a gun. He just assumed it was because they weren't on sale.

That made me smile. I am so glad I am instilling in him that we spend our money wisely.

Now, maybe we should work on the children armed with guns issue!!

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  1. Haa!! I have heard Wyatt say this exact same thing recently several times, and it cracks me up. Not a lot of thought behind what the item actually is and whether it's appropriate, just that it's not on sale so we don't buy it. I agree, love that they "get it" about the sale thing--that's how we shop!