Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swazi Style

I wanted Isaiah and Laila to have some clothing in one of the traditional Swazi fabrics. While in the country, it was hard to find clothing at the markets that would fit properly so with the help of some friends, we made it happen(by "we" I mean they did all the work, and I put the clothes on the kids). Amber searched the markets throughout her summer there, looking for the blue patterned fabric that we see so often on the Swazi people. Holly, then took that fabric and made these clothes for Isaiah and Laila. Here they are:
I love this pose!
Handsome boy!
Pretty girl!
Swazi Siblings!
I still ask myself every day how I got the cutest kids
in all of Africa as my son and daughter!
Thank you Amber and Holly. We love you!!

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  1. That fabric is beautiful. I want some of my own! What wonderful friends to make those clothes for your two kiddos. You're right. You have some seriously cute kids.