Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hallowing, A.K.A. Halloween

When my older kids were younger, they called "Halloween," "Hallowing" so that is what we affectionately call Oct. 31 each year. They LOVE getting dressed up and going trick 0r treating. It is so much fun to get together with friends for this big event.

Presenting our crazy crew of "Hallowingers"
Sam as Yoda
Cody as a football player
Abby as a monkey zookeeper
Isaiah as Woody the Cowboy
Laila as a puppy dog complete with barking sound effects
Lauren as a soccer player
Our crazy crew
We actually did more than just dress up. We went to the Fowlers' house, had some yummy gumbo, salad and cookies, then went out to explore the neighborhood.

Isaiah and Laila had a blast. Isaiah felt the need to have a discussion with each person at their door. After every house, Laila would run to her daddy and say, "I got treats, Daddy."

All the big boys went out together on their own!! That was big stuff for them. I think the favorite treat handed out at one of the houses was sodas.

The girls went out with the little ones and once the little ones were tired, we took them out again. We couldn't find the house with the sodas which was a huge disappointment to them.

The kids love to come back to the house together, pour out all of their candies, organize them and begin the trading. They get rid of the stuff they don't want or can't have(Cody can't have gluten) and get some they like instead. Along the way, they even slip mom and dad a few of their favorite pieces.

When the evening was all said and done, we had 6 pumpkins full of candy!!! We are pacing ourselves. After a week, I usually have them pick out their 10 favorite pieces of what is left and we get rid of the rest in some way.

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