Friday, November 26, 2010

He's Home

Isaiah was released from the hospital this morning.

Thanksgiving was so much quieter yesterday at my parents' house without him. That was sad.

My side of the family didn't get to enjoy him and his passionate personality.

We were able to celebrate today as a family together with the Clapp relatives.

I am so glad we ALL got to be a part of that.

The next few days will be pretty intense. He has 'round the clock treatments and medicines to take in order to keep him from going back into the hospital again.

We bought a converter tonight for the nebulizer so we can give him his breathing treatments while we travel back to CO on Sunday/Monday.

That should be fun. : )

I can honestly say I have never spent Thanksgiving in a hospital before, and I have never done breathing treatments in a vehicle before.

We're all about firsts around here. Hopefully, these things will not become a part of our yearly traditions list that I have so lovingly created.

Pics of our week are coming. I have just decided they will be compiled in one or two big posts.

The big kids are having a sleepover with cousins at their Grandma's(Rick's mom) house tonight.
She has 15 grandchildren. 11 of them are spending the night. Hopefully, everyone will still be alive by morning, including Grandma.

I asked her to take pics for me. Those should be exciting.

We are exhausted!! Sleep time!

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