Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Family Valentine's Party!

Once again, we had our family Valentine's meal.  
Abby decorated the table.  She even made name plates for each spot
 Heart-shaped Pizza
 The GF version
 Chocolate and Strawberry Truffles and Gf Choco-covered Pretzels
 Ready to eat.
Can you see the Love Potion in the cups(Raspberry Sherbet and 7Up)
 I found these fun lollipops for the kids

 We had a lot of laughs with them.
We played the chopstick sweetheart game.  
 Papa and Grammy sent some moola!
Thank you Papa and Grammy!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fancy Valentine's Day

Rick and I don't usually go out on Valentine's Day.  It is crowded and we like to spend time doing our Family Valentine's Dinner tradition.  This year, since I am doing Whole30 and couldn't eat at most places, we decided to go to a movie earlier in the week.  To make it extra special, we went to see our first IMAX movie(I know, we are way behind the times!).  We saw "Gravity".  It was good and we both enjoyed our time.  
So stylin' in his IMAX glasses
Then, we were given an amazing gift. This was something that we would not have done otherwise, 
A night at the Broadmoor on February 13!!  
 We got to wake up on Valentine's Day there. 
 I will admit that the decor is not really my style, but it was fun to stay at a fancy place and be treated like we are fancy!
 I loved the bathroom!  
 It was huge!

 We did not partake of these very expensive treats, but I had to take a pic of our fully stocked fridge
 They had turn down service
 They even left us robes and slippers!
 Chocolates on our pillows
 Feeling fancy! 
 It came at the perfect time in the midst of work craziness for Rick(between 2 different Dallas trips), home projects, and kids doing lots of sports and activities.  I was so thankful for the opportunity and for the Fowlers being willing to keep our kids on such short notice!!

The next day, we went to our favorite place for breakfast, Over Easy.  It was painful to order and eat my breakfast:
 while watching Rick eat his!
More than anything, I enjoyed the time that we had together.  This unexpected blessing was such a treat!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Still Behind

February has been a big month in our house.  It has been a ton of work, but some big projects have been completed and some surprise events have come up.  More on those later.  For now, let me show you some of what the kids have been up to .
Laila gave me a little photo shoot before church one morning

 Lauren and Abby helping Isaiah make his Valentines
 His class party
 He loves it when Laila comes.  He always shares so well with her.
 He even gave her the lollipop he won from playing Bingo
 We also celebrated Isaiah's Spiritual Birthday
He chose a meal of spaghetti
 For a gift, he got some index tabs for his Bible
 Ice cream Sundaes for dessert!
Laila lost a tooth.
 She literally lost it!
 Our jam supplies were getting dangerously low.  I was grateful when strawberries went on sale so I could restock our supply.  Running out would have been a true crisis!
 Laila got new braids.  This is the part of the process of me prepping for braids the next day.
 It is a painful and emotional process for both of us!!
Lauren made these adorable minion cupcakes at a friend's bday party.
 Laila is a reader!!  She read her first book from school!
 Isaiah had a concert at school!

 He even had a special part playing the frog!
 I tried to upload a video of one of the songs, but it failed.  Let's just say, I could hear him above the crowd.  Shocking, I know!
 Laila had a special day at her school this week.  She was "Student of the Month" for Kindergarten.
This really was special.  They played "Jock Jams" and had the students getting the awards run through a line of pom pom shaking, cheering kids.  I think everybody needs a moment like that in their lives where everyone is cheering for them.  
 The School Mascot was even there!
 It was a special morning for a special girl
Watching her run through that crowd brought tears to my eyes.  I just couldn't stop thinking of how far she has come from that grumpy little orphan that we met 5 years ago.  She has truly blossomed and our family has been forever changed by her beautiful spirit!!