Monday, November 8, 2010


Feeling really overwhelmed today.

So much to do in this house.

Even when I work, I don't really see the progress.

The only way I am going to grasp what I have accomplished, is to write about it.

-The clothing sorting is complete!!!! No more clothing mountains in my house, at least not that need to be sorted. Putting the clean laundry away is another story.

-2 kids' bedrooms are decluttered and cleaned.

-I am cooking dinner again tonight!!(4th time in a week)

-I have nursed all 6 children back to health. Abby is experiencing some relief from her headaches after some techniques given to her from her dad and daily use of the neti pot.

-I did my grocery shopping yesterday. If my plan succeeds, I will not have to do anymore shopping before we leave for KY next week!

-I am using this afternoon to get my kitchen clean.

Okay, now I feel a little better. It is all about perspective for me.

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