Saturday, November 29, 2014

History Coming Alive!

If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you will know that my children have several curriculum days at school in the elementary years.  You will also know that I have a love/hate relationship with these days.  I love that it is a neat experience for them, and it does give them a chance to experience history in a fun way, but I hate having to come up with costumes.  Thankfully, over the years we have collected some costumes and have some friends who are very kind to share their costumes with us.  
Isaiah had Constitution Day
 Their class prepared a whole program for us with songs and speaking parts
 I don't know why, but I just love this pic of him.
 Introducing:  William Patterson, delegate for New Jersey
 The whole Constitutional Crew
 After their program, they feasted on foods from that time period. 
 I made Jonnycakes to take.
 Laila had Nursery Rhyme Day coming up
 Thank goodness I had Abby to help me with this one!
 She chose to be Humpty Dumpty 
My little cracked egg
 I spent the day helping in her classroom with the various activities
 The whole class saying the nursery rhymes
 We had a fun day!
Sam's class did a unit on Explorers.  He was given Vasco Da Gama.  
He was thrilled that day!
 Laila's class did a Thanksgiving Feast
 I think she was beautiful
 Abby's class read "The Odyssey", then they had to do a project.  She created a board game called "Adventures of Odysseus".  You can't really tell by this pic, but there are little flags all over the board with various things to do.  She made a 100 on it, of course!
 Isaiah brought this drawing of our family home.
He said, "The one who is frowning is Cody."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our Halloween Traditions have evolved over the years.  We start on Oct. 30 with our house Birthday. We went to eat at On The Border this year to celebrate 11 years in our house!  Then, we came home and did our pumpkin carving. We are now at the point where everyone gets their own pumpkin and they even get to carve them on their own, with a little help from Rick.  We had to do the carving in shifts because the older kids had homework to accomplish.
Each person creates their own design
Everyone is grossed out by the removing of the guts

This tradition is Ricks to lead
It can get gory!
Lauren joined in after she finished her homework

Laila's Creation

Isaiah's creation

Sam's creation

Abby did her name

Lauren did One Direction

Cody did Cowboys

The line up

Laila chose, once again, to be a superhero, Iron Patriot

Isaiah was "Stinger" the Decepticon from Transformers
Mr. Chris decided he should be called, "Stinker," and we all agreed!
Sam was Si from Duck Dynasty
Having some sweet tea

Laura helped with Abby's hair
Katniss Everdeen

The whole crew.  We love our traditionat the Fowler's House each year
Dave and Rick being crazy
Trick or Treating

Sam's loot.  He got the most candy
Lauren went to a Halloween party.
She and her friend, Emma were gumball machines
Cody was hanging out with some friends.  Evidently, they put on bandanas and went trick or treating. I don't think many people were impressed.  Someone even closed the door in their faces.  Oh, well, they probably should have put more effort into their costumes!!