Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sick Babies

I have 4 children that are "under the weather" today.
Lauren is on her third round of strep in the last 6 weeks
Sam is recovering from strep and having tummy problems
Isaiah and Laila have been running low-grade fevers
for the last 2 days
There is a lot of cuddling, movie watching, jammie wearing, and hot tea/hot chocolate drinking going on around here. Hopefully we can pull out of this sickness slump soon.


  1. wow. that's quite a crew...lots of smiles, though :-) enjoy the day with your kids!

  2. We missed you at MOPS today - hugs!

  3. When those slumps happen, I usually end up with some amazing time with my kids. I still remember all of us sitting around with emergency throw-up bowls and drinking ginger ale a few months back. It was good to get better, but there were some good gifts in the sickness too. Hope you guys get back to normal soon.

  4. praying that the GUNK leaves the house quickly!!! XO

    PS love the pictures...esp the last one with Isaiah's million dollar smile :D