Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Embracing New Beginnings

Rick had his first day at his new job yesterday. We began our new life. It was exciting and a bit scary all at the same time.

Something felt different when he came home last night. I cooked dinner. We were all here. We talked with excitement about his first day and what is to come.

When he came home, he didn't bring his work with him in any shape or form. We just talked about it and moved on. That is a totally new concept around here. (Now, I realize it is just the first day, but if the first day had not gone well, that would be a huge concern!)

God fulfilled a promise that He gave me 2 years ago yesterday as well. He is so faithful. It required a huge step of faith and obedience from me. There were so many times when I doubted and questioned if I had heard Him right. It took Him longer to fulfill than I expected. I can see His timing so clearly now. He had purpose in that 2 years of waiting. I am so thankful when He allows me to see Him and His work in this way.

When I asked myself the question this morning, "What do I HAVE to do today?" The answer was "love my children well." I will probably get some things done around the house, but that is a bonus at this point.

I am home with sick children today instead of going to MOPs. In the past, that would have totally derailed me. Today, instead of being frustrated or angry about it, I am embracing the chance to care for my kids. It is a privilege that I get to be at home with them. I am CHOOSING to love and care for them well today.

It is so freeing to be in this place emotionally. Today is a good day of processing for me. Tomorrow will bring new challenges, but for today, I will rest in the peace that I feel as a mom and wife.


  1. It is so good to read this and have this reminder. What is Rick's new job? I would love to hear more details...Lee and I have been reading little posts here and there and praying for your family! Wish we were nearby. I would love to still hang out with you and know your kids :-)

  2. Congratulations on seeing the "choice". I understand that I will not always be able to make the choice of staying home with my baby as well. I am grateful for each day that I get to choose to be home. I am grateful that we are in a position to make this choice. So I completely understand what you said about it. Hope you all are soon on the mend...we are struggling to heal up right along side of you.