Monday, August 29, 2011

Dumped By My Own Son!

Cody had some "man" stuff planned with Rick over the weekend for his upcoming 13th bday. So, I decided to take the opportunity to have a date with Sam. Leading up to our time, I kept prepping him saying, "You know on dates, you are supposed to bring your date a gift, cash will be fine." "Holding my hand would be a great idea, when you go on a date with me." I love joking with Sam, because he gets the humor. We have fun joking around with each other.

I knew he wanted to go to McDonalds. I am not a huge fan, but since it is his date, he gets to choose. So, off to McDonalds we went.

This kids is so much fun. He talked non-stop the whole time. Being the middle boy, he often fades into the shadows. That has been hard for him since he was the youngest for 5 years. I did not even have to try for a second to come up with something for us to talk about. He carried the conversation.
The reason he likes McDonalds: The toy!
After dinner, we went out tennis shoe shopping. He also doesn't get a ton of new clothes or shoes because of hand-me-downs. Tennis shoes are no longer available as hand-me-downs because Cody wears them out. It was fun for him to be able to pick out some new shoes for himself. We went to 4 different stores looking for just the right pair. We finally found them!!

Then, we went to YoYogurt at his request. It was his first time to go there. He loved it.
As we were heading home in the truck, I said, "Sam, I like going on dates with you. You are fun!! We need to do this more often." His response, "Sorry, mom, I have decided to dump you." What goes around comes around. I guess if I am going to use my humor with him, I need to be ready to receive it. I loved his quick comeback!

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