Thursday, August 18, 2011

Whirlwind Week

The last week has been a whirlwind for me. My weekend away was AMAZING and deserves a post all its own. That is coming soon. I am still processing all that it meant to me. It truly was life giving on so many levels.

Reentry has been challenging for me. Last night was a very dramatic night in our house. I will not forget it. Dealing with 6 different little (and big) personalities can take its toll. Last night was one of those defining times with one of our kids. I just have one question: Why do life-defining experiences have to happen at 10:00 at night on the night before school starts?

Here are some events of our last week:
Abby found this Africa rock.
We see Africa in lots of places.
It is God reminding us of the calling He has placed on our family
Abby is considering a new hairstyle
Lauren had some toxic food
Last Wednesday, we took Abby out for her Bday Date
Can you guess which restaurant she chose?
Love my girl
As a last hurrah, the kids and I walked to get doughnuts Thursday morning
Couture Cupcakes has opened a bakery near our house.
These doughnuts taste like the ones we get in Swaziland.
I get lots of looks when we go out on scooters.
We did have a friend with us in case you are counting.
Laila is with me in the wagon.
After doughnuts, we headed to a friend's pool

Abby did this the whole 2 hours we were there.

Today, Isaiah and Laila found a comfy spot in the cart while I shopped at Sams.
Next up: Beginning of School Activities

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