Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Days of School 2011

After coming back from my weekend away, I jumped back into life full force. The four big kids started school this week. On Tuesday afternoon, we had the Meet and Greet for Lauren, Abby, and Sam.
Isaiah and Laila hanging out in Abby's classroom
Sam at his desk
Abby at her desk
Lauren at her desk
On Wed. morning, Isaiah went to his preschool open house. This is the first time I have sent one of our kids to preschool. I think the structure and authority of a classroom will be really good for him. The extrovert in him will be in heaven. I think sending him to preschool will set him up for better success in Kindergarten next year.
He had a scavenger hunt in his classroom
Afterwards, we went to buy his supplies and get an Icee treat.
Cody started Middle School this year.
He started a day earlier than everyone else.
He is at a different campus than the others. Most days, his dad will be taking him to school.
That night we went out for a beginning of school treat at TCBY.
$1 Waffle Cones on Wednesday!!
We almost filled the whole place with our family!
Thursday morning was the first day of school for Lauren, Abby, and Sam.
We had smoothies for breakfast.
This boy still melts my heart
This chick is becoming a young lady
This chick is growing up faster than I can handle
Sam - 2nd grade, Abby - 3rd grade, Lauren - 5th grade
Isaiah will start school on Monday. We are off to a good start. After next week, I hope to have my schedule for the new year figured out. It always amazes me how much there is to do. Even though they are in school, I find my days full of work and activity.

I am thankful for each one of them and how they are growing and maturing. I am thankful that we have schools to go to and free education in this country. Our work in Swaziland continues to remind me what a blessing that is!!

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