Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When I arrived at Isaiah's school to pick him up, I could hear him all the way out in the hallway. I peeked in the window at his teacher and her eyes looked really tired. She looked kind of like me at the end of the day. Good thing she has 2 helpers!!

Isaiah ran out screaming, "I had so much fun. I obeyed my teacher. Do I get a Blizzard?" You see, we have this deal, if he can do well all week at school and then at church obeying his teachers, he will get a Blizzard on Sunday on the way home from church. His faced dropped immediately when I told him not yet. I guess we need to make a chart so he can see his progress.

We talked about how he had circle time and sang songs and played on the playground. He really was excited about all he had done.

The funniest part was once we got him. He immediately came in, changed out of his clothes into his jammies and put on his robe. Rick and I were laughing. He was like an old man.
He didn't even argue with me at bedtime last night. I think this school thing is going to work out well for both of us!!

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