Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy, Happy Girl

Right now, at this very moment, I have 2 friends coming to CO from other parts of the country to spend a Girls' weekend with me in Crested Butte!!!!

We have never met in person, but have so much in common.

All three of us have large families.

All three of us are followers of Jesus.

All three of us have adopted from Africa.

Our adopted children knew each other before we did.

All three of us feel passionately about the Biblical mandate to serve widows, orphans, and those in poverty.

We have been brought together in relationship by God and His calling on our lives.

Even as we come together this weekend, we have a fourth friend who is headed to Rwanda to meet her daughters and bring them home!!

I need this weekend away. I need this opportunity for real community. I need the break.

The circumstances of the last 11 months of my life have brought me to a place that calls for this time and these relationships.

I pray that God will use this time to continue healing my heart and revealing His will.

I want to hear from Him. I want to experience the "iron sharpens iron" concept from the Bible where believers come together and because of our relationships, we make each other better .

When I get back on Tues. I will hit the ground running with kids starting school.

But for today, I am ready to relax, laugh, eat some yummy food, sleep in, and have deep conversations about life and kids and our callings and our God.

Can't wait to meet you, Carrie and Melanie.


  1. Have a great time! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awesome. I love this. Have fun and be blessed, friend.