Friday, August 5, 2011

Check, Check, Check...

I am down to my last two big events of the week. It has been almost as busy this week as it is right before a Swazi trip. I am absolutely going to collapse tomorrow afternoon.

Our weekend of sharing about Beyond Survival went great! It was so exciting to share what has happened in the last 5 years. Our Swazi Sales went great!!

This perfume and cologne are made with Rose Geranium Oil.
Rose Geranium Oil is produced on the farm that we have in Swaziland that is a sustainability project! The money raised goes to school fees and Beyond Survival!!
Some of the beautiful purses of Timbali Crafts!
Souvenirs from the market
We sold $1,400 worth of stuff!!! That money goes straight back into the work that we are doing in Swaziland!!

This was my sanity during my school supply shopping on Monday
We have had so many rainbows lately.
Seeing one this week was encouraging in the midst of the craziness!
The dreaded hair project.
Braids taken out and blow dried out
Ready to get braids, snack bag and blankie in tow
The braids took 3 hours. She cried about 80% of that time.
I don't know why. She has done so well the 2 previous times.
She wanted to hold my hand and have it next to her face the whole time.
She immediately started smiling when it was over. Really?
The whole process took 11 hours!!
How many more times do we have to do this over the next 15 years?
I got the uniforms I am selling checked into the uniform sale today. That was a relief. I am so hoping I am able to get some good money to use on all these school supplies.

I spent 3 hours shopping last night for possible photo shoot clothing. I have 2 different sets of outfits we can wear. Let's see which ones we go with! That is tomorrow. Then I have lots of clothes to return that we aren't going to use.

We took a break today to have a picnic at the park during Rick's lunch hour.
These lily pads in the pond were so pretty

I have spent all afternoon getting ready for my event tonight. I will share more later. I am excited to spend some time tonight with some special ladies. More details to follow.

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  1. Hang in there with the hair. Desta has hers done every 3 weeks. She is now so used to it that she sits in her chair and watches tv. When I have to take the braids out I spray them first with a 1:3 mixture distiller water to conditioner. It makes them much easier to take out. Maybe that would help with laila's hair?