Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Beautiful Evening with Beautiful Ladies

My friend, Jan Jones, is in town. She has been living in Qatar for the last year teaching 2nd grade. I thought it would be fun to gather some of her friends together to spend an evening together. There was so much we needed to hear about her adventures over the last year.

She had no idea that we had this planned. She left out last night on her way to my house not knowing where she was going. When they pulled up in my driveway, she had the thought, "Oh, we are going to babysit." That made me laugh so hard. She was even more surprised when she opened the door to all these women awaiting her. Jan, I wouldn't make you babysit my kids as a "surprise."
Beautiful Ladies
(Okay, my pictures on the wall are a bit crooked. I have 6 kids.)
A few months ago, I purchased a deal through a local business called The House Chef of Colorado Springs. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. This night seemed like that time. A chef came to my house, prepared the food, and served us as we ate. It was really fun and a different way to have guests over. I got to enjoy the time as much as they did.
Chef Keith explaining the menu for the evening
A toast to Jan
First Course: Crab-stuffed Mushrooms
(Bad pic, I almost forgot to take one. The original presentation looked much better)
My addition to the meal: Strawberry Salad
Second Course: Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo
Third Course: White Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding
The food was delicious. No, really, it was amazing!!

The company of these ladies was even better. I loved laughing with them. I loved catching up on each other's lives. I loved having an evening with other women who sharpen and encourage me.

Jan has been to Swaziland with us 2 times. She has a passion for Africa and teaching. Her work in Qatar will bring her closer to pursuing that passion. I am so proud of her for the sacrifices she is making to be right where God has her. Love ya, Jan.

I need to do this more often! I am thinking I need to get a ladies supper club going!!


  1. Those mushrooms were my favorite. And I love the idea of a supper club!

  2. I wanna be in the supper club!! Invite MEEEEEEEEEE!