Saturday, August 27, 2011

A week in the life...

This week, I became "one of THOSE moms." I took my kids to the store in the jammies. I said I would NEVER do that. I have done a lot of things in the last five years that I said I would NEVER do.
Laila's cool chick look
Abby had a visit with the opthalmologist.
We are still trying to figure out this whole migraine thing with her!
Her eyes are dilated ALL. THE. TIME.
The dr. thought they had dilated them when he looked at them.
Nope, that is how they always look.
They dilated them "for real" and then she got these cool glasses.
Lauren got contacts this week.
I should say, contact, because she only needs correction in one eye.
Trying them out.
On Friday, I decided to mop my floor. Yeah, can't remember the last time I did that. I don't know what got into me. I think it was the threat that over 20 people were going to be at my house today.
Isaiah and Laila had a blast making a tent out of the kitchen table in the family room
This was their car.
I gave them each socks, told them to dip them in the soapy water,
and sent them around the kitchen to clean up the tough, dirty spots.
I really should let them "play" like this more often!
I went over the whole floor once they did their spot cleaning. When Sam got home, he said, "Wow, this looks like a new house!" I really should clean the kitchen floor more often.

Last night was failed attempt #2 at family pictures. We had another photo shoot scheduled, and the weather just scooped right in and messed up those plans. We are working on scheduling attempt #3.

There is some really big stuff going on around here over the next few days. Our Cody is turning 13 on the 31st and we have some big events to mark that. Can't wait to share.

I have to share a few of the funny things Isaiah and Laila are doing:
1. Laila will ask me regularly, "Mommy, you like to hold babies?" For some reason, I just think that is so cute. She knows me and my love for babies.
2. Instead of coloring or drawing, Isaiah will say, "drawlering." When he is hungry, he says he is "starveling."
3. Isaiah had a great first week at school. He has already composed a song for his class called, "Goodbye" that he performed for them on Wed. It is strangely similar to his song, "I Love You So Much."
4. A friend's daughter saw Isaiah at church and told him she had seen his video of "I Love You So Much." His response, "You know, the life of a superstar is hard." Piece. of. work.

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  1. Oh, I just keep giggling reading your blog! I LOVE the stories from Isaiah and Laila - they are just too funny!