Monday, August 22, 2011

Isaiah's First Day of Preschool

Today was our 3rd First Day of School in the last week. Today is a really big first for our family. Isaiah is the first one in our family to attend preschool. He was very excited to get ready for the afternoon time. All the way to school, he kept asking(in a very excited voice), "You are going to drop me off and leave me?" He loved the idea that I was leaving him at school just like I do with the big kids. He got dressed and ready to go with his Spiderman backpack. We packed a snack of pretzels and fruit snacks, grabbed his school supplies, and headed out the door.
He was so excited all the way there and kept asking me the same questions over and over and over again. He wanted to listen to the songs "Magic" and "Dynamite" to get himself all psyched up for school. As we pulled into the parking lot, he said, "I think I am going to like this place."
These are his tasks to complete when he arrives each day
His cubby for his coat and backpack
Washing his hands
"Writing" his name
Saying goodbye to Laila
Playing play-doh
As I was leaving, he said to me, "Mom, I love this place so much." I should have taken before and after pics of his teachers. I think he is going to wear them out.
As Laila and I were leaving we saw this in the crosswalk.
Can you see Africa?
Chick was pretty excited about being with me. I am pretty excited about some one-on-one time with her. Cody needs brownies for his Scouts meeting tonight so Laila helped me make them.
She kept saying, "I help you make brownies, Mommy."
Big Stuff going on around here!!

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