Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Weekend

Since we couldn't get our family pictures, Saturday became a home day. We needed one of those. Rick got us some bagels for breakfast. Then, the yard work began:
Cody learned to use the weed eater
Abby is vicious with yard tools
We had a doctor on site for any injuries that occurred
Sam was the master weed picker
Isaiah used "The Claw"
Our yard looked great when it was all done.

I spent my time baking bread
We played some Guitar HeroFor some reason, I can't bring myself to wash the sliding glass door
Saturday night was a movie night. We watched Soul Surfer. It was good.

Sunday night, Rick and the kids slept in the tent in the back yard.
They are smiling now.
I don't know if they will do that again for a while. I think Rick snored so loud, they all wanted out of there. Cody came inside around 5:00AM. He had all the people touching him while he was trying to sleep that he could handle. Lauren was the only one that seemed to enjoy it and wanted to do it again last night. She couldn't convince Abby to do it. Isaiah, Laila, Abby and I slept inside. Why would I want to sleep in a tent when I can sleep in my bed? I don't get it.

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