Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Big 4!!

On Saturday, December 18, Isaiah turned 4 years old!! The long-awaited day finally arrived. Isaiah has been anticipating his "fire truck" party for months. I cannot tell you how many discussions we have had about it.

This was his first "friend" party. The plan was for everyone to meet at the fire station. We would be given a tour of the station and then come back to our house to open gifts, have lunch, and cake and ice cream. Plans are nice when things go as planned.

We arrived at the station and 5 minutes later they got a call and had to leave. That left us with 13 children in a small lobby with nothing to do. They told us we could wait, and that they might be back in 15-20 minutes. So, we decided to wait. After about 10 minutes of that, the chaos of all of those children in a small lobby just about did me in. I was stressed, disappointed, and overwhelmed. One of the guests started crying and said, "I want my mommy!" I looked at him and said, "I want my mommy, too!"
Here is the crew, not including adults.
We had to make a decision. We had to get something organized going. I had the idea that Isaiah could open his gifts. That would buy us some time and calm everyone down.
He got a fire truck! He loves it!!
30 minutes passed and the firemen had not returned. We had to make a decision. We decided to leave. When we told Isaiah we had to go, he said, "But I didn't see the fire truck." It made me so sad. You should have seen the look on his little face. Rick told him that he could ride in the Jeep with him back to the house. That perked him up. So, we headed out to load everyone up. As we were loading up, the fire truck returned!!! YAY!! I cannot tell you how happy we all were.
The tour began.
We saw where the firemen eat, sleep, workout, and hang out.
Then we went into the garage and saw the truck. The fireman opened each section of the truck and explained how everything works. At one point, a call came over the loud speakers and we thought, "Oh, no. They are going to have to leave again." Then when we listened to it and realized it was an announcement wishing Isaiah a "Happy Birthday."

Isaiah's highlight had to be getting to sit in the truck. Each child got to climb inside.
Look at the smile on his face! Priceless!
Isaiah, Isaac, and Zander
Alissa, Sam, Journey Grace, Sonya, Aidan, and Isaac
Abby, Lauren, Cody, and Sonya
After the truck tour, one of the firemen showed them his gear and put it on. They learned about what to do if there is a fire in their houses. I know Isaiah so wanted to put on that gear himself.
That smile did not leave his face the whole time.
The whole crew
After the tour we headed back to the house for our lunch: Hotdogs, Boritos(Doritos), Bananas, and Dr. Pepper, all foods Isaiah chose. Everyone got to take home a goody bag, fireman hat, and fire truck coloring book.
His cake
Big 4 year old!
Sam and Aidan eating
Ms. Julie was one of Isaiah's most talked about guests as
he anticipated his party.
Ellen, Laura, Renee, and Micah Fowler
Let me just tell you, that this party would not have been complete without Micah Fowler.
Isaiah loves her. Who cares if she is twice his age!!
Our special boy who brings so much excitement into our lives.
Isaiah spent much time playing with his gifts throughout the rest of the day. That evening, we went to see Christmas lights at a drive-thru display at a local church. We wore pajamas and drank hot chocolate.(Doesn't that sound so sweet? Well, let me tell you, it was not as picture perfect as it sounds. There was much fighting, hot chocolate spilling, yelling, screaming, crying, complaining, and all around grumpiness. I just had to laugh and think, "Why, oh, why did we bother?" I guess all attempts at family fun cannot go as planned.)

Turning 4 is a big milestone in our family. The 4 year old gets new privileges like allowance, choosing music in the truck and TV shows to watch on his day, not using a bib or booster seat any longer, learning to wipe his own bottom(yes, you read that correctly), and learning to take a shower. There are also several new responsibilities for the 4 year old like hanging up his own laundry, sweeping the kitchen floor on his day, a chore just for him(Isaiah's is emptying the trash throughout the house. He has already done it several times because he loves it so much!), and just more expectation of help around the house.

I was explaining the new privileges and responsibilities to Isaiah on Sunday morning. He was so excited and then said to me, "Mom, are you going to teach me how to drive now?"

Isaiah is passionate, energetic, a charmer, a helper, and has a completely magnetic personality. He so wants to be the boss of himself. It is a hard lesson for him to learn that he is not in charge. He is a leader through and through. I pray for his ability to lead others well some day. I know God has something big in store for him. I have felt the spiritual warfare that surrounded his adoption and continues to surround the battle for his little heart each day. I love him deeply and cannot imagine our family without him.

Zazy(or Crazy Zazy as we often call you), you are my son. I love you deeply. You are a smart, handsome, charming little guy that God has given us the privilege to raise. Don't ever forget how God brought you to our family and how much you are loved by all of us. I see so much potential for greatness in you. I anticipate watching God's plan for you unfold as you grow. When I think about raising you, I think "the pleasure is all mine."(one of Isaiah's new phrases he says often)

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