Monday, December 20, 2010

Pioneer Day

On Friday, Abby's class participated in Pioneer Day. Grammy made a costume for Lauren's Pioneer day 2 years ago. Abby was able to wear that costume on her day as well. You know how I feel about making costumes. I was so glad to not have to worry about this one!!
Abby in her costume
The day started with the kids eating some "pioneer foods": cookies, apple slices, plum pudding cooked in a coffee can, and apple juice. While they ate their food, the librarian read them stories that were based in pioneer days.
After the food and story time, they listened to a story and watched a movie about a pioneer Christmas at the next station. They got to each eat a candy cane while they watched the movie because peppermint sticks were a common Christmas gift for children during this time period.
Next stop was the craft room. The first craft Abby did was to string popcorn.
She brought her string home and put it on her mini tree in her room.
Next, they made ornaments by hammering tin.
Abby made a letter "A."
It was exhausting.
The next stop was to write a letter and deliver it via Pony Express.
Abby's letter to Isaiah
Ready to deliver
The final station(that I missed because I was at the other kids' Christmas parties) was all about quilts. They learned about how they were made and about the different patterns.

It really was a fun day that Abby will always remember.

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