Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day

This post was hard to do. There were SO MANY pictures from this day. We really had a great Christmas day. Our family feels settled this year. This time last year, Isaiah and Laila has been with us for 8 months. They had never experienced Christmas before. We were still figuring out this thing we call our family. This year, was different. We are a family. We know it. We are settled in it. Isaiah and Laila were so excited about Christmas. They knew what it was like and couldn't wait to experience it again.

We started our day by having the kids put on their Christmas jammies. Some people laugh at me, but I won't let them put them on until Christmas morning. I have had too many Christmases where they have pooped, peed, or thrown up in them during the night. Then, we can't get the cute photos in the matching jammies on Christmas morning.

We met on Rick's and my bed to read the Christmas story. Then, we headed downstairs for pictures.

After pictures, it was time for the stockings. I LOVE stockings. I think they are so fun.
Then, it was time to open the gifts. We pass everything out and take our time taking turns opening everything.

One of my favorite moments was when Abby opened her "big gift". We put it in a Wheat Thins box. She does love Wheat Thins, but she thought that was her gift.
She was trying so hard to smile and be happy about it.
Then we told her to open the box.
This is a real smile. She was very happy to get a DS Lite
Grandma got everyone Cowboys gear:
Not sure about this face!

I LOVE my "Pink" Cowboys warm up suit!!!
It is so comfy!
Rick's and Laila's Cowboys gear was on back order. Hopefully they will get something soon!
This is one of my favorite pics from the day.
Our Christmas Morning Brunch
We stayed in our jammies ALL DAY!! It was glorious. The kids played. Rick and I took a nap. On Christmas night we have "Fajitas Fa Jesus". Julie joined us this year!
It was Christmas all over again when Ms. Julie came over. We all had gifts to exchange.
Ms. Julie has been a part of our family since Sam was a baby!
The day could not have been better. It was a great Christmas!


  1. How do you get the older kids to wait for younger kids to wake up? Do you just wake up the younger ones? maybe all of your kids wake up at the same time, but mine don't. We sort of had 2 Christmases...

  2. P.S this was great ;) Love the jammies and pics. you rock

  3. What great pictures! There are so many good ones of all of you. :) Christmas sounds like a very special day in your home.