Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Service

We attended Christmas Eve service at church. It was our chance to all dress up as a family. I love seeing everyone look so pretty and handsome. It is so funny because when I look at this picture of our family, it doesn't look that big to me, but when I look at other families with 6 children, they look HUGE! I guess for us, it looks just right.
My Boys
Isaiah's tie choked him. That was a battle we decided not to fight
My girls
I loved being at church together. I spent most of the service with Isaiah and Laila crawling all over me. My favorite parts were the kids' video that Lauren, Abby, Sam, and Isaiah were in and Isaiah and Laila dancing with their little friends during the last songs of the service. I like being able to take time in the midst of our traditions and focus on the reason we are celebrating with our church family.

I truly am a blessed woman!

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  1. Yes you are and I am a truly blessed woman for knowing you and your wonderful clan!! :0)

    Happy Happy 2011!!!