Monday, December 20, 2010

Class Christmas Parties

While Abby was having Pioneer Day, Sam, Lauren, and Cody were having class Christmas parties. I was able to make the rounds and spend some time at each party.
I love that cute little face
He smiles all the time. He is making an ornament.
Decorating cookies
He put together this outfit. He was so excited to dress up!
Rudolph goody bag from his teacher
Lauren's class made picture frames
Favorite time: FOOD!!!
Cody's class did a gift card exchange. Cody got Chick-fil-a!!
Yes, Harrison, we can see you in the background.
It was a fun day at school. We were all excited as we left the school knowing that our break had begun.

Little did we know that we were heading home to a MESS! The toilet on the main level of our house overflowed, flooding the whole kitchen floor and the basement. What a disaster. We spent the rest of the day dealing with all the yuckiness that involved.

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