Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Laila's First Dentist Visit

Laila had her first trip to the dentist last week. I wasn't sure how my shy, little introvert was going to handle having someone invading her mouth with tools. She has seen her big brothers and sisters get their teeth cleaned before.
We started off by having Isaiah go first
She was not happy when it was her turn
Isaiah comforted her
She agreed to lay down
I held her hand
Then, she just became a big girl right before my eyes
Look at those beautiful, pearly whites
Isaiah held her hand while the dentist looked at her teeth
When it was all done, we were so proud of her and
she was so proud of herself
Goody bags!!
Laila and Isaiah with Dr. Glueckert
After it was all over, Laila was so excited. We sent a picture to Daddy. All day she talked about opening her mouth wide for the dentist!!


  1. That is so precious! Love the simple truths here about her trusting and growing up before your eyes...I love seeing those moments!

  2. They look so lovely and cute together! I'm sure you are one proud mama of these beautiful kids. Oh, how I remember the times when I use to take my daughters to their Myrtle Beach dentist even when their are all grown up! Oftentimes, our trusted Myrtle Beach dentists would kid me that I spoil my daughters too much! But I really don't, my girls just prefer me to accompany them. Well, anyway, hope you are having a good time with the kids.