Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best Meeting Ever!

On Thursday, Rick and I took Isaiah out for his bday date with us. When I told Isaiah we would be taking him out to eat, he said, "I get to have a meeting with you and Daddy?" He knows that Rick goes out to lunch for work meetings. He wanted to do a "lunch meeting." He chose to eat at "Red Robins" as he calls it.

For days he talked about this "meeting." I had to constantly explain how many day sleeps and night sleeps he had left before we could go. He was so excited.

We rode in the Jeep because that is his favorite. He was all smiles the whole way there.

Our table had a little computer that he could play games on .
While we were at lunch, I asked Isaiah how he likes being in our family. His response: "It is much better." I asked him what he meant by that. His response: "It is so refreshing!" That just cracked me up!
Isaiah, it is refreshing having you in our family, too!
French Fries dipped in Ranch, Dr. Pepper, and Mac n' Cheese.
Do you think he is having a good time?
2 of my 4 favorite boys in the world!!
As we drove home, I asked Isaiah if he liked his meeting. His response: "It was the best meeting ever! It made me smile."

I am so glad you had fun, buddy!!

He made a rule in the Jeep on the way home. "No kissing allowed, Mommy and Daddy." Bummer, I was hoping to kiss the whole way home. Oh, well, maybe next time.

He got a taste of some one-on-one time with us, and I think he liked it. For the rest of the day, he was very cuddly and lovey. I love it when he is like that.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!