Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Abby

July 24th was Abby's 9th bday. We had a great day together celebrating our girl. The day started with a French Toast Family Breakfast. Then Abby opened her gifts. They consisted of monkey stuff, a few pairs of earrings, Barbie stuff and some clothes. She was very happy!
Abby and her brothers and sisters
For lunch, she requested squash and pap(a staple of the Swazi diet). Can't wait to take this girl to Swaziland. She is going to LOVE IT!!
In the afternoon, the big kids played in the sprinkler
This was my favorite gift that Abby got. They are coupons from Sam. From top to bottom:
1. A no nose picking day(it grosses her out when he picks his nose.
She gets to pick a day where he can't!) My favorite one!
2. A free laundry pick up(he will help with her laundry)
3. A free massage
We had a dinner of tacos, and I made another ice cream cake: Purple cake with Blue Bell Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
Our beautiful girl
As an activity, she chose to make a monkey mosaic
I was the tile finder, consultant, and photographer
Lauren was the official tile cutter
Abby designed it and glued on the tiles
It really was a fun activity for us to do together
The monkey before the grout
Grouting it
Covered in Grout
Cleaning the grout off
The finished product
This will be a great addition to her new monkey bedding and monkey accessories she got for her bday.

I was so surprised when you were born to see that I had another baby girl. You have added so much life to this family. Your sense of humor and laugh make me smile. You are a great organizer and coach. I love how you gather the little ones and lead them in activities. I love how caring and compassionate you are. I love how you have embraced our family's calling to Swaziland and taken personal responsibility in that. Your heart for the Swazi people is so evident in your actions. Wow, you are 9 years old and entering 3rd grade. How did that happen? From that peanut baby girl to a young lady you have blessed my life and our family.
Love ya, monkey!

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