Friday, July 15, 2011

From Torture Tube to Sweet Ride

What a week this has been. We decided that putting a new engine in our truck that had 206,000 miles on it was not the best idea. So, we set out on a hunt for a new vehicle for our family. It is kind of a bummer to shop for vehicles when you "have to." It seems more fun when you have planned for it and can really take time to pick out what you want. That is how I felt earlier in the week. After going through the process, I am very excited to have a new truck and am enjoying the upgrades from our older one!

God really answered our prayers in this process. We found this truck and the whole process of purchasing it was very encouraging. It is a 2004, but only has 42,000 miles on it. The inside looks BRAND NEW!! I didn't realize how bad our other one looked until I tried out this new one.

Rick and I were laughing because this truck has been "souped" up a bit. It has bigger tires and nicer wheels. It also has more of a "truck sound" to it than our other one. We have joked about putting lights under it and hydraulics in it.

The really cool part about this truck is that God directed our path straight to it. We asked Him to do that, and He did. The lot that we bought it from was operated by very strong believers. There was an instant connection with them before we even knew their story. We left there feeling God's Hand in the process. That really helps when such a big purchase is being made.

Without further ado, here it is:
The kids LOVE it! We had our talk last night about taking care of it and not trashing it.
Cody knew the minute he saw the truck online that it was the one. He said God would show us that, too. That kid has some discernment in him that cannot be denied.

Laila's response was my favorite. She said, "It's so beautiful. It is a "Tangled" truck." Anything she loves is a "Tangled" thing.

I took the kids out for their first ride today. It was fun to celebrate the gift God has given us! I pray we can get many years of memories out of it!

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  1. Ok. I absolutely love Laila's comment about the truck. Now that is adorable.