Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy Day

My little guy woke up this morning sick. He has been throwing up all day. I never wish sickness on my kids, but it has been nice to be able to just love on him, cuddle with him, and mother him today. He hasn't been disobedient or hard to handle in any way. I want to be able really show him how much I love him. He doesn't feel that in discipline, even though it truly is a representation of my love. So often, he doesn't give me a chance to really, really love on him. I have so many ways that I want to bless him and treat him and then he sabotages those moments with his behavior. He is the kind of kid that if you give him even a millimeter of leeway, he takes 10 miles and runs with it. He is challenging in oh, so, many ways. I love him. I really love him. Today was a nice break from the tumultuous days we have been experiencing over the last month.

Laila had her 3 yr. doctor checkup. He fell asleep at the doctor's office.
Laila was really emotional at this visit today. Crying and whining at everything they did to her. She has NEVER been upset about being at the doctor. Even as I type this, I seem to recall 3 yr. old pics for many of my kids and the battle to get them to participate. She did not want to have anything to do with the doctor or the instruments she was using. She is 60% in both height and weight. She is healthy and off the charts developmentally. I consider that a HUGE blessing. The odds started out against her little life. She has overcome those odds by leaps and bounds!!
Right before her shots
She was not happy during and after the shots. : )

Abby had piano lessons today. She is really enjoying them and seems to be gifted in this area. I am thankful that she is able to do something that she is developing a love for.
Lauren's new bedding came in today. Since I took her to pick it up, she treated me to some sweet tea. That was just what I needed with Rick being out of town for 5 days.
He gets home tonight!! We are ALL ready to have him home.

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  1. oh, i hope he feels better soon! but thankful for your day with him...