Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Clapp News

Abby has started a newspaper of family news. Below you will see the first 2 editions. It is so cute. I love seeing her express her creativity. She is doing a great job with them. Each edition has 2 sides, covers the news of what has been happening in our family, has comics, and she even included her bday wish list!! The second edition even had some color to it!

The first two headline stories: "Truck Dies Down" and "Dad Leaves Town"
Today we had an eventful day that I am sure she will want to report about in her next edition. We met the Heislers for bowling. I was so proud of myself. I got everyone dressed, fed breakfast, with socks and out the door by 9:30. When we arrived at the bowling alley, I realized there was one small mistake.
I gave Isaiah a PAIR of socks and he only put one of them on. Who does that? Evidently, my son. Oh, well, so much for being prepared.

We had an exciting time. Lots of drama, as usual. A little bit of competition going on. A few tears shed. A couple of fights to break up. Some money wasted in machines. Some loving help from big brothers and sisters. The company of friends.
Abby loved helping Isaiah and Laila bowl.
With Andrea there, I even got a couple of pics of me.
I do exist even though there is very little evidence in the form of pictures to prove it.
Isaiah LOVED using this metal thing to bowl
Cody and Nick
2 scoops: Sam and Laila Flavors
Grace and Sam taking their turns
Lolly after knocking down 8 pins!
Love this pic of my Abby
Isaiah loves him some Mrs. Andrea!
This would have been a great timeout spot if he didn't like it so much
8 feet in their stylish bowling shoes
My CrAzY cReW
After bowling, we went through a drive-thru and got some cheap tacos for lunch. Then we headed to get Cody and Sam haircuts. They were looking shaggy. I don't have an after pic to share, but they look so much better.

I am excited that the hubs went in to work early today and gets off at 3:00. Family Night tonight!! Pizza and time all together, something we haven't experienced in a couple of weeks!!

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  1. oh my, i LOVE abby's newspaper. that is awesome.