Friday, May 13, 2011

What in the World?

*UPDATE - Now, all of sudden, my Mother's Day post has reappeared. Oh, well, at least I don't have to redo it. I have not idea what that was all about!!

So, I did a Mother's Day post a few days ago and now it is nowhere to be found!!

What is up with that?

I posted it, people read it and commented on it, and now it is gone.

I even linked it to Facebook, and when I click on that link is says the post does not exist.

Does anyone know how I can find it? Or, am I just going to have to start over and redo it?

This really does feel like the story of my life lately.

So many times when I go to do something, I have so many obstacles that sabotage me.

2 steps forward, 4 steps back.

It really is frustrating. My time is so limited already. Why does everything have to be so complicated?????

That last week has been full of activities. I guess I will have to repost the Mother's Day stuff, but here is the rest:
Last Friday, Lauren had Colonial Day
Sam had a field trip to the Denver Museum. It was a big day for him. He got to ride the bus for the first time. He was VERY excited about that.
I let him play some games on my iphone.
Listening with animal ears
The part he was most looking forward to: The Egyptian Mummies
Learning about animal poop!
What 1st grade boy wouldn't LOVE that?
The view from the museum
He looks like he is in pain here!
Dinosaur bones
We had a great trip. I was really glad to spend some time with Sam and his classmates. I learned from his friend that Sam is strongest boy in his class. Sam also gave me lots of hugs and kisses throughout. That was his way of saying he was glad that I was there!!


  1. I was not able to log on to Blogspot for a whole day. Yesterday while the site was down they said they'd removed entries posted on a certain day, I'm not sure which day that was...

  2. Blogger had a MAJOR outage. Down for 20 hours. Posts from Wed & Thurs removed. Then restored...but comments are lost. I edited one of my posts and hit "publish" as normal, but it actually reposted it! Oh well... may be moving over to Wordpress anyway. Might help you solve the "mystery" of what happened.