Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just What I Needed!

Rick took the kids to school this morning.

I slept until 8:00.

I went downstairs and got my computer to bring up to my bed to work in comfort.

At 8:30, I got Isaiah and Laila up and brought them into my room.

We have been in the bed all morning.
-me working on the computer trying to finalize the million details of this Swazi trip.
-them watching Sprout and drinking their rice milk.

It is now 10:00. I think we will head downstairs.

I feel so much more able to tackle this day with the slow start that it had.

Thank you so much, Ricky, for giving me this break!!

I do have to share two funny things that Isaiah and Laila said last week.

We were listening to the Chipmunks sing hit songs. They were singing "Put Your Records On." In one part it says, "just go ahead let your hair down."
Laila: Mommy, I want to let my hair down.
Me: You mean like the song says?
Laila: No, like in Tangled. I want hair like in Tangled.
I am going to need to get this chick a wig to play with. She LOVES that movie and does not understand why her hair can't be like that.

The next song was "Shake Your Groove Thing."
Isaiah: Mommy, I am going to shake my groove. I am going to shake it A LOT!
Me: You do that, buddy.
A minute passes.
Isaiah: Where is my groove? Is it in my tummy?
Me: (chuckling) Not really. Shaking your groove just means you dance a lot.

I love the way their little minds work. I could tell he had been sitting there in his car seat going through the different parts of his body. He was baffled when he couldn't figure out which one was his "groove."

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