Thursday, May 5, 2011

Littleton Historical Museum Field Trip

I went with Abby on her class field trip to the Littleton Historical Museum. Thankfully, we had great weather because much of the time was outside. I enjoyed seeing the school, farm and homes from the 1800s. I would NOT want to have lived back then, but the simplicity of their lives is definitely appealing!!
Abby was not so sure about getting this picture next to the mule!
This woman was demonstrating the gardening that was done in that time period.
The one-room schoolhouse.
Abby was the teacher!!
Proof that I went on a field trip!!
I just liked this view
My sweet, Abby girl
2-seater out house, awkward!!
I guess if you gotta go, it is better than waiting!!
We got to talk to see them milk a cow
We also visited the Blacksmith shop
Inside the museum
This was a field trip that I enjoyed quite a bit. It was fun to experience it with Abby. I love getting some one-on-one time with my kids. This day was a great way to do that.

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