Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laila's Hair Trials

I mentioned in a previous post that I spent about 7 hours this week taking care of Laila's hair. It was quite the process. I am glad we only have to do it every 6-8 weeks. Both of us were exhausted by the end.

I left off at the point where all of her braids were out. This is what she looked like after I took our her braids:
She reminds me of "Heat Miser" from the Claymation Christmas movies
Next step was to wash all the gunk out of it
It has really grown a lot in braids
The worst part of the whole process was blow drying it out. She was crying, screaming, and at one point, she threw up. She does that. If she gets too upset, she throws up. Her brother used to do that, too. It was awesome!
Here she is with it all blow dried and ready to be braided
The view of the back
Braiding process
End result: Side View
I love how Marjorie braided it like it was parted on the side
Happy and relieved to be done
End Result: Back View
These braids are even smaller than the last ones. Add the length in and who knows how long it will take me to get them out. I am choosing not to think about that right now. I have 8 weeks of easy hair.

In order to make the braids last as long as possible, I put a sleep cap on her at night. She never makes it through the whole night with it. For all I know, she takes it off right after I leave the room. Oh, well. I am trying.
We like to call her "Chef Laila"
The day after she got her braids, she decided to smear oatmeal all over her head. I just about lost it at that point. I had to pick every piece out and clean it very carefully.

This has been such an ordeal that last night I had a nightmare that the braids were already coming out. It was frightening!!


  1. She is so adorable, and 8 weeks of not having to deal with her hair (as much) will be worth it!

  2. Laura, how come you don't try something like this:

  3. That is a huge job! Her hair really grew a lot. Wow. Just enjoy your 8 weeks and know she will look back someday and know her mama loved her enough to do this. Your little girl is beautiful.