Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travel Troubles, Rockstar Husband, and Hair Adventures

A lot has happened since I blogged on Saturday. I am exhausted and pushing forward as we now get the kids finished with school, get the supplies and team ready for Swaziland, and get our family ready to travel!! I have to-do lists coming out my ears.

On Sunday morning, my dad, mom, and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. What better way to end my time in KY than at Cracker Barrel?
Granola pancakes, Yummylicious!!
My travels home were complicated. I flew from Nashville to Dallas. That part was fine. I had a 3-hour layover scheduled in Dallas. That 3 hours became 6 hours when bad weather hit TX. It was exhausting. I wasn't sure if I would get home that night. Actually, it ended up being early Monday morning when I got home!! If I had known I was going to be in Dallas for 6 hours, I would have been calling up friends and eating some Tex Mex!! I arrived in Colorado Springs at 1:15 AM. After getting off the plane, getting my bag, and arriving home, it was 2:30 AM before we got to bed. Rick's 5:37 alarm and my subsequent 6:43 AM(We only set our alarms on 1s,3s, or 7s. The explanation of that is another blog post entirely!) came WAY TOO FAST!

Yesterday began with greeting the kids after being gone for 4 days. It was interesting to try to reconnect while also getting them out the door for school.

I have to stop here and talk about my amazing husband!! He truly is a rock star!! He managed our household of 6 children, carted them around to their various activities, played soccer with them, wrestled with them, made sure they were fed and clean, got them to church for 2 services, led a Swazi team meeting, and even made Churros with Cody for the fiesta in his Spanish class!! He did it and in the midst of it chose to take advantage of the opportunity to really engage our children. I love you, Rick! Thank you for your willingness to give me a break. Thank you for doing what many men would never attempt!!

Monday consisted of bread baking and hair unbraiding for me. I baked 12 loaves of bread and got about 1/3 of Laila's braids out. Here are some pictures of that process:
Before: Laila armed with her Swazi doll, ready to go!
Can you believe how long her hair is?
Abby wanted to give it a try!! She did great!
I am thinking the next time we do this, I will put her to work for sure!
Just love Laila's little expression
After: today after about a combined time of 3 hours(from today and yesterday)
You can see the dustiness and yucky pieces in it. The next steps: Washing, Deep conditioning, and getting it ready to be braided tomorrow. I will share more pics as we proceed through the process! We have an appointment schedule tomorrow to get it braided again. I am not able to do that and don't really know if I ever will be. For now, I am leaving that to the experts!

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