Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On Thursday, I will be flying to KY for the weekend to celebrate my mom's 60th bday!! I am so looking forward to the warm weather that is being forecasted, the sweet tea, the sleeping in, sitting on their porch in the morning, southern hospitality and accents, and some special time with my mom and extended family. A few days away from my chaos will recharge me to tackle the next few weeks before our Swazi trip.

I am not leaving our house clean. Why would I do that? It won't be the same when I return. If it looks better when I return, well, then, bonus for me.
A few random pics:
Cody is such an artist, an ability that he did not even remotely get from me. He always impresses me with his work. Here is Marvin the Martian:
Isaiah and Laila went to a Princess bday party. Since we didn't have American Prince and Princess clothes, we decided to use our Swazi clothes and make them a Swazi Prince and Princess.
I absolutely love Laila's smile in this picture.
Isn't she so beautiful?
Sharing the love
As I think ahead to my trip, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to fly on a plane and eat out!! I LOVE flying. I love being able to relax and read or listen to music. I LOVE airports. It is so fun to watch people. I will have a short(45 min) layover in Dallas. I am just going to soak up a little bit of Texas while I am in that airport. I wish I was going to be there long enough to meet up with some friends. I will wave and say, "Howdy," to all of you as I walk from one plane to the other

I know this is for my mom's bday, but it kind of feels like my Birthday!!!

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