Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a day of celebrating around here! Rick and the kids did an amazing job of doing the things that speak love to me. My day started with a Mother's Day Theme Interpretation to the song "Just the Way You Are," performed by Sam, Lauren, Abby, Isaiah and Laila. It made me laugh. It made me feel special that they chose to do something they knew I would LOVE. The song they chose was really special, too!!
Rudolph was also a part of the performance
The Big Finish
After the entertainment, Lauren and Abby made omelets for breakfast. It was a yummy breakfast!! Then, we went to church together. After church, they took me out to one of my favorite restaurants:
Sam and his tortilla chip beard
After lunch, we came home and I got to take a nap! The thing that made this nap so special was that Rick had put the air conditioners in the windows the day before. That made me really happy. I had switched out our bed to our summer bedding. It was a beautiful day outside. My nap was glorious. It was nice and cool in our bedroom, and I slept like a baby.

After my nap, the kids had gifts for me. I got some awesome pictures, letters, acrostics of my name, and poems. The girls gave me some money(another one of my love languages). I got Starbucks gift cards from Sam and Isaiah and Laila. The girls also gave me coupons for cleaning and spa services.
Lauren and Abby like to make coupons for me. I tend to lose them and never use them, so in addition to some new coupons, Abby made me a coupon holder so that I can organize them and not lose them. It was the perfect gift.
I am so thankful for my children. They truly are a blessing in my life. I cannot imagine our home without these 6 little people that make it so exciting every day. They really worked hard to make this day special for me!!


  1. The coupon organizer is precious!

  2. Still wishing you had your winter bedding on today? :)