Friday, May 20, 2011

KY Living

Apparently, I am on a field trip. That is what Isaiah told Andrea today when she came to get them.

I slept until 8:00 today. I took my time getting up. I stayed in the bed for a while, reading and catching up on emails.

Then, I went to the screened-in porch to relax. I was rocking, drinking coffee, listening to the birds sing, reading my Bible, the stuff country songs are made of.

I have already had enough sweet tea to float a boat. I gotta get it while I can. It's just not the same in CO.

It is so green here. I forget how brown Colorado is until I see how green it is here. I miss these trees and rolling, green hills. Second only to Palm trees, I love Weeping Willows.

I have been called "honey," "darlin'," and "sweetie" by strangers all day long. It kind of warms my heart.

Everywhere we go, I see someone from my past. I love seeing them and hearing how they are doing. I love showing off pictures of my family. Our family is definitely unusual to most that live here.

One thing I don't miss: the bugs. Evidently, the cicadas are back after their 13 yr. hibernation. The pictures on the news tonight were frightening. I do not miss crunchy bugs in my life. I do miss the lightning bugs, though.

Today for lunch, we got together with my mom's friends, Joyce, Jeri, and Pat. It was so much fun. These ladies made me laugh so much. They have all been a part of my life in some way over the years. Being around them and knowing how their friendships have endured through the years makes me want to keep pursuing those lasting relationships in my life.
We had some yummy Italian food at a new place in town, Gondoliers
They sang to Mama(Sorry about the sun)
Seven Sins Chocolate Cake
We spent most of the day shopping. We checked out every consignment and thrift store in town. We literally shopped until we dropped.
I treated Mama to a pedicure. So relaxing.
My first pedicure of the season.
Now, I need to buy some new sandals!!
The day started kind of cool, so much so that I needed a sweatshirt on the porch. Thankfully, it warmed up nicely. It eventually made it to the 80s, my favorite temperature. Just feeling the humidity on my skin is refreshing. I am soaking it up!!

I am looking forward to another relaxing day tomorrow, sleeping in, sitting on the porch, you know the drill.

I have to say that I absolutely love that my mom always has cookie dough in the fridge for me when I visit.

There is something about being known. There is something about having history with people. It feels like home.

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  1. It sounds like heaven there! I am really jealous of you right now.