Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I try so hard to be the fun mom!

Rick went back to work today.

I have had to institute Grandparent Detox Boot Camp around here.

Isaiah and Laila don't think they need to listen to me or do anything I ask them to.

They have had a few weeks of relaxed rules and being spoiled.

It always happens.

I don't blame the grandparents.

I will do the same when I am a grandparent.

I am just finding that today is one of those days where in the midst of my totally chaotic, messy house, I am having to stop constantly to deal with an issue.

I tried really hard to be the "fun mom" when I woke up this morning.

I failed miserably at that.

For Laila's bday, I got her 2 huge bags of beans.

I put them in a container for her to play with.

I hid animals for her to find and brought up her new play dishes and food to use.

I put it on the wood floor entry and made myself very clear.

"Stay on the wood floor and play with the beans in the container or on the lid. Let's not get beans everywhere, okay?"

Who was I trying to kid? I came downstairs after a phone conversation to find beans everywhere.

I tried so hard to be a fun mom, but in that moment, I lost it.

Maybe tomorrow I will try again. Or, maybe not.

Isaiah had to go down early for his nap because he refused to listen. I told him to pray and ask Jesus to give him an obedient heart.

When I came back in a few minutes later, he was all smiles and said, "I prayed for Jesus to give me responsibility and he did." I am not sure where the word "responsibility" came from in his mind, but I am all for it!!

We are in day 2 of "Operation Goodbye, Noni."

After crying through her whole nap yesterday, I was dreading bedtime last night.

She immediately started in with, "I want my noni. I need my noni."

I tucked her in and left the room with her crying.

After about 15 minutes, I went back in. I said, "Laila, you are a big girl. I know you can do it, and tomorrow, Mommy will give you gum."

A light bulb went off in her head. She held up her 3 fingers to admit that she was now 3(earlier, she would only hold up 2 so that she could keep her noni.). She got really happy and proclaimed that she could do it.

She did great ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Now, she is back at nap time, crying her wee little head off once again for her noni.

Oh, well, baby steps.

Being a fun mom is overrated. I guess right now, I need to focus on training.

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