Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Times with Grammy!

Lauren and Abby both have Birthdays in July. When I visited my mom a couple of weeks ago for her bday, we got pedicures. The place we went to had chairs for little girls. That is when we had the brilliant idea that taking the girls when we came in June would be the perfect gift for their bdays.

Today we took them to get their very first pedicures and have their fingernails painted.

Oh, so many colors to choose from!!
The decision: Abby - yellow, Lauren - glittery blue
Each chair had its very own dvd player.
Abby chose to watch Madagascar 2
Lauren chose to watch Open Season 2
I am not sure if we should be pampering them this much at such a young age!!
They might expect this more often! : )
They were very quiet during the process, but could not stop talking about it afterwards.
They both agreed their favorite part was soaking their feet in the warm swirling water.
Nail time!!

Finished Product: Abby -
You can't see in the picture that she also had a glittery finish on top of her color.
Finished Product: Lauren
Matching Nails
Thank you, Grammy!!
We followed our time out to lunch
Then, we did a little shopping. Both girls came away with new cute socks and shoes. I think it was the perfect way to celebrate their bdays with Grammy!

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