Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chosen By God

Yesterday definitely goes on the list as a highlight from this trip!!

We have being using 1 Peter 2 along with 3 stories of the Bible to teach the children at our carepoint how they are Chosen by God.

On Monday, we talked about the Prodigal Son and about how precious they are.

On Tuesday, we talked about Peter Walking on Water and how God speaks to us.

On Wednesday, we talked about the Good Samaritan and how God has called us to serve others.

Kimberly has done an AMAZING job teaching the children and many on our team have acted out the stories in front of them. We like to call our "theater group"(said with a snooty voice) "The Chosen Playas." It has been a lot of fun and the kids have laughed a lot.

Back to yesterday, we gave each child and leader at the carepoint a t-shirt that says, "CHOSEN" with "1 Peter 2:9" on it. It was so awesome to see them all in their shirts and for them to know they are part of something bigger than themselves. They are not alone!!

My absolute favorite part was that I had the privilege to pray over all the children in groups. I prayed for strength, courage, hope, faith, love, and that they would know God's dream for their lives. I challenged them to see this shirt as a reminder of how much God loves them and how special they are. We claimed those attributes and promises over their lives. It was so powerful as our team surrounded them holding hands and covering them with our prayers. Each child was prayed for by over 20 people!!!

I can't wait for you to see photos. We will post them on Facebook because I am finding that my blog will not upload well with pictures.

As the children headed home, they each received a cupcake and a goody bag of a Scripture booklet, bag of candy, and a toy or a book. It was so fun to see this sea of blue leaving the carepoint in all directions.

The team is doing a great job. Everyone seems to find where they fit, and they run with it. Some are very helpful in the logistics and practical areas. Others find their place playing with the children. Others are drawn to the adults and are ministering to them. I love how God has brought us all together, each with our own gifts and abilities and is now taking those and making this trip a complete ministry!!

Prayer Requests:
1. Today some of the men will host a Pastors' Conference with about 20 pastors. We have suits, shirts, and ties to give to them.
2. The women will be leading a Gogo Appreciation Lunch. We will be giving the women medical kits with some first aid training, serving them a nice meal, and speaking encouragement into their lives.
3. Continue to pray for safety and health.
4. Pray for our bodies and minds to stay sharp and able to engage as we enter these last few days of ministry.
5. Pray for Jumbo's(one of the missionaries we work with) Father. He will be having brain surgery on Monday.
6. Pray that the our prayers over the children's lives will take hold and cause them to feel God's purpose for them.

We appreciate your prayers and support!!


  1. Thanks so much for all the updates! Not sure if you are into receiving this or not, but I gave you an award for your blog. :) You can read about it here:

    No hurry! Hope you continue to have a WONDERFUL time praying for the team.

  2. that is amazing laura! what a powerful moment in the lives of those kids!