Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Move!

Over the last week, everyone in the family has gotten their hair cut or redone(Laila). It hit me this afternoon, that we hadn't done Isaiah's hair. In addition to packing tonight, Rick took a break to mark that task off the checklist.
Isaiah does not like it and makes this moaning noise the whole time.
Those edges are hard to get with a squirming boy!
Rick kept saying, "Isaiah, you can't move."
Then, my favorite quote of the day came out of Isaiah's mouth,
"Dad, I'm just going to move my eyeballs."
That just made me laugh. If you haven't met Isaiah,
then you don't know how hard of a task that truly is for him.
He has to be moving some part of his body at ALL times.
In this case, he was willing to settle for his eyeballs!
Here he is as proud as can be with his new cut!
No haircut is complete without a sucker at the end!!

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