Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swazi Update

It is Wednesday morning right now in Swaziland.

I have not blogged for the last 2 days for a couple of reasons.

The internet is a challenge off and on. We have had better internet than ever on this trip, but it is still unpredictable. Add uploading pictures to the mix and it is really hit or miss whether it is going to happen.

The exhaustion at the end of the day also factors in. The last two nights, I just haven't been able to muster up the energy to blog.

But, don't you worry. You will not miss out on a single bit. There is much to be shared and all the time in the world to share it.

Rick is posting pictures daily on Facebook. I am sharing them on my wall as well. So, if you are on Facebook with us you can see our pics there. If you are not, request him as a friend and you can see those pics.

We have spent the last two days at the Bhalekane Carepoint playing with the children, doing VBS, working on the construction of the preschool building, and doing basic medical check-ups.
The theme for our VBS is "Chosen by God." We are teaching the children how precious and valuable they are to God. Today is our fun day. We will be having cupcakes, doing all kinds of fun activities like painting nails, jumping rope, playing with balloons, reading books, playing soccer, throwing frisbees, etc.

We also have gifts for the children!!! Each child will receive a t-shirt that says, "Chosen" with "1 Peter 2:9" printed on it. We will also be giving the children a goody bag with candy, a toy or book, and a Scripture booklet. I cannot wait to see all those blue shirts running around playing.

We want to pray this verse over our children. God has such big plans for them, and we desire to speak that value and worth into their lives and claim it in prayer over their lives. Will you pray that with us today?

Beginning on Thursday, our ministry will shift to other areas. We will be spending the next few days pouring into our Swazi leaders here and taking time to honor and serve them.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that the almost 300 children at our carepoint will begin to grasp the depth of God's love for them through our time of VBS and interactions.
2. Pray that God will use these shirts as a reminder of who He is and their value in relation to Him.
3. Pray for continued health and safety of our group. We have only praises in this area, but still need your prayers.
4. Pray for our exhaustion levels. We are right in the middle of our time and our bodies can feel it. Pray for our sleep to be nourishing and refreshing each night. (The roosters have quieted down during the night!! Thanks for praying for that one!!)
5. Pray that God would reveal to us the next steps for Beyond Survival as we move forward as a non-profit. We are seeking what this ministry will grow into as we are here.

Thank you again!! This would not be possible without the support and prayers of all of you at home. God is using you to change lives!!!


  1. Been praying for you all. I am so excited to hear and see little snippets of your trip. I can feel Gods amazing work being done there.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Laura. We are covering you in prayer - hugs!

  3. Praying for you and the team. It is exciting to see what God is doing with this team. Love the pictures of those precious babies!