Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy, Happy Day!!

What a day!!

It was our first full day in Swaziland.

It was my 39th Birthday!

We spent the day at church and the Halfway House that Isaiah and Laila were in.

Hearing the Swazi people sing in worship is heavenly. They even sang "Happy Birthday" to me at the church service.

Reuniting with our friends here has been such a treat!

Holding beautiful Swazi babies makes me so happy!

Let me just brag on Cody and Lauren a bit. They were AMAZING with the kids. They were in their element loving and caring for these babies like there was no tomorrow!
Other than not having my whole family here with me, the day couldn't have been better.

There were little surprises for me throughout the day thanks to my hubby and friends here and at home! (Let's just say Birthday cards, Oreo Cakesters, lots of chocolate, earrings, Nandos(A Swazi favorite), and cupcakes.)

Our team had a great day today. We sang, clapped and tried to sing along to all the Swazi songs at church. Kim Lowe and her family made a quilted banner that we were able to present to the church at Timbutini.

We loved on babies and played on the playground for 2 hours at the Halfway House.

Both very worshipful experiences. The first, an act of worship proclaiming our love to the Lord. The second, an act of worship giving hands and feet and hugs and kisses of his love to the children. Both very different, but made for a well-rounded day.

The jet lag is hitting me pretty strong tonight. So off to bed it is for me.

Tomorrow, we have our first day at the carepoint doing VBS with the kids, construction on the school building, and home visits in the afternoon. Wow, I am so blessed to be here with this team doing ministry.

Keep us in your prayers:
1. Continued health for our team(so far so good!)
2. Our hearts would be open and sensitive to the ways God is calling us to minister.
3. Jet lag and good rest(Roosters and dogs can be very loud at night! I thought roosters only crowed at sunrise?!?! Not in Swaziland!)
4. Blessings on the many people here that are hosting us, feeding us, transporting us, and making us feel so at home.
5. Communication with the children at VBS. Tomorrow we are talking about how precious they are to God.
6. Good progress on the construction of the school building.

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