Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Baby is 3!!

Last Friday, Laila turned 3 years old!! I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. IT!! How in the world did my baby grow so fast. It doesn't help that I missed out on a pregnancy with her and the first 9 months of her life. Now, here she is, 3 years old and definitely not a baby anymore.
My fav pic of her on her bday
Her bday was less than 2 days after our return from Africa. We were exhausted, but also excited for her to be able to celebrate with her extended family.

Her day started with powdered donuts and rice milk on the deck
Then there was a little bday dancing going on.
She always sticks out her bottom and spanks it.
It is hilarious, actually!
This was her new expression for the day.
Not sure if she was trying to wink or be a pirate.
Either way, it was cute, and she did it all day long.
That afternoon, we had a big party at the park with both sides of the family!
There were at least 40 people there!
We had hot dogs, chips, watermelon, and soda.
Chick loves Tangled! So, a Tangled cake and decorations were hers.
Love the way she is looking here!
She was very shy when we sang to her.
By the time the singing was over, she was in no condition to blow out candles.
Cody and I helped!
All day long, I couldn't help but think back to our time in Swaziland with Laila's and Isaiah's Aunt. Meeting her was such a gift, to me and to Isaiah and Laila as I am able to tell them so much more than I ever would have been able to otherwise. Their Aunt told me that she looks like her sister(Isaiah's and Laila's birth mom). When I look at our picture, I can see Laila in her face.

I now know because of that visit, that I was at the same hospital where Laila was born on the day of her birth. Maybe, just maybe her mom was in that group of laboring women that I walked by as we went to the children's ward. Even if she wasn't, it just feels like God had so much purpose in Rick and me being there on that sacred day. His Hand has been all over this process and even now, over 2 years later, He continues to reveal that to me. Who knows what things He orchestrated that I will never fully know.
Meeting Auntie
I see Laila at 3 years old and she seems still so young to me. Maybe that is because she is my baby. She doesn't do nearly as much for herself as the other ones did at this age. She needs way more help going potty than any of the others did. She still doesn't dress herself alone. She is not one of those kids that says, "I do it!" She is fine to let someone else do it for her. I guess that is because she has 7 other people who are more than willing to help her.

Today was traumatic for her. We said goodbye to her Noni(pacifier). She has been using it while she sleeps. I wasn't home during nap time, but from what I heard, there wasn't much sleeping going on. She basically cried and screamed the whole time. I am really looking forward to bedtime tonight. : ) We did an exchange with her. By giving up her noni, she is allowed to have gum. She loves the idea of that all day long, but decides at naptime, "I still yittle(little). I need my noni."

You are such a beautiful little girl. It is truly a privilege to be your mom. After being in Swaziland again, I am reminded even more what an honor it is to have you in our family and to call you my daughter. I LOVE your hugs and kisses. I LOVE the way you talk(even though I can't understand you half the time!). Your little voice is adorable. You are such a good singer and dancer. Music brings you so much joy! I can't wait to see what God is going to do with your life. No matter how you feel, always know that He loves you and has an amazing plan for you. You were not abandoned. You were not left alone. God put people in your life each step to care for you and love you. The day we met, I knew you were my daughter. You just looked at me with your furrowed brow. The next day, you crawled in my lap and fell asleep. At that moment you gave your heart to me, and you have not taken it back. I promise to handle it with care. I love you, my Laily. Happy 3rd Birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday Laila :) And thank you again Laura for sharing your family with us!

  2. Happy birthday Laila! We love you and pray for you - and I hope someday to see the booty smack dance move! :) See you soon, sweet little ladybug!