Friday, June 24, 2011


We have now been back in KY for over 24 hours.

Yesterday was such a special day.

After arriving at my parents' house at 1:30 AM in the morning, it was a relief to be back, but I was so disappointed that I didn't get to see my kids awake.

I do really well when I am away from them. I have a set time in my mind that I prepare for. I think about them, but, honestly, when we are in Africa, the pace is nonstop. Most days I don't have time to really miss them.

Once the majority of the work is complete, missing them starts to set in.

That was last Sunday. The ministry events I was responsible for were over. I pushed through in my mind to Wed. telling myself, "I can make it until Wed. I can do it!"

While were were spending 12 hours in the Washington, Dulles airport, my heart ached to be with my babies. I felt like we were disappointing them by not being home. I thought our original arrival time of 7:00PM was late. Who knew it would extend to 1:30 in the morning!!

My body did not sleep well Wed. night. All I could think about was them sleeping downstairs and how much I wanted to hug and kiss them all.

I finally got up at 6:00 AM because I couldn't contain my excitement and sat upstairs like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for them to wake up.

Lauren woke up first. I just spent the last 2 weeks with her in Africa.

Then Cody woke up. Once again, saw him a lot.

The 3 of us talked about how much we couldn't wait to see the other 4 kids. Seriously, they never sleep in. Why, oh why, are they sleeping in today?

We laughed and remembered our time in Africa and talked about all the little kids that touched our lives. We gave them each nicknames because their names are hard for us to remember.

Now don't you worry. I have not forgotten that I have posts to write and pictures to share. Those will come soon. There is so much left to say about our trip.

We were sitting on the porch and heard the door opening. It was Rick. I love my husband and all, but all of us were disappointed to see that it wasn't one of the kids.

So, here we are, the four of us sitting on the porch anxiously waiting for the other 4 to wake up.

Finally, Abby was first. We attacked her with hugs and kisses and spent some time talking about our trip and her time in KY sitting on the porch with our coffee with the cool breeze blowing. It was so nice.

After a while, Sam, Isaiah, and Laila all joined us. It was such a sweet reunion for our family.

We showered each other with hugs and kisses and words of love. I know this sounds so sappy, but it was really such a special moment for all of us.

I wasn't sure how the 2 little ones would respond. I thought they might be mad at us, but that was not the case. They spent the next day catching up on all the hugs and kisses we had missed while we were gone.

My favorite quote came from Isaiah: "Did you miss my beautiful smell, Mama?" I don't know where this boy comes up with this stuff?

Laila couldn't stop saying, "My mommy, my mommy, my daddy, my daddy, I missed you SO MUCH!"

Abby had a look of relief on her face. I think she enjoyed being the big sister while we were gone, but was also relieved to have things back in order.

Sam said to me, "Mom, I had a happy tear in my eye when Cody hugged me." The tenderness in that little boy is so refreshing!!

It feels good and right and like home for all of us to be together again!!

The trip was a special experience for Cody, Lauren, Rick, and me. We will share that for the rest of our lives.

The 4 little ones had a bonding experience of their own while we were gone. I am thankful they had each other to lean on.

This trip has reminded me so much how much I love our family. It has shown me how blessed I am. It has given me hope for our future and what God has in store for this Clapp Tribe. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for all He has given me!!


  1. very cool, laura. this post made me tear up. the clapps are awesome! sam's "happy tear" is super precious!