Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Swaziland, Here We Come!!

Our 5 year anniversary trip to Swaziland, Africa will commence on Thursday! Our team of 19 people is packing, praying, and gearing up for a long journey. It's hard to believe we have been investing in our Care Point and the people of Swaziland for so long! Your gifts, school supplies, medical supplies, suits, toys, letters of encouragement, etc. will become a representation of God's love and provision. In addition we are able to bring 4 laptops to give to leaders to multiply their ministry. Thanks for sacrificing and taking the time to invest. We are hoping God will multiply what we offer to be an incredible blessing to those in need.

We will have limited internet and email. I am hoping to send out updates from our trip on this blog. In addition we will attempt to post on Facebook and send emails back. We will have to see what is available.

Please pray for our team. Pray for their hearts as they adjust to a new culture and see life experiences that will forever change them. Pray that our presence will be an encouragement to the pastors and leaders to know they are not alone. Pray that our limited, tiny efforts will be glorifying to God and be used for His Kingdom. The immediate requests related to our travels are:
1. No flight delays.
2. Easy check-in for the team at the airport(We are taking 1,000 lbs. of supplies with us!!)
3. Health for those of us traveling.
4. ALL of our luggage would arrive safely and without delay.
5. Safe travels for the people on the ground in Africa coming to pick us up at the airport.

We will arrive in Johannesburg, SA on Friday evening and drive into Swaziland on Sat., June 11.

To see how this ministry was started and what God has done, you can go to and click on, The Dream, at the top to see a mini-documentary of the ministry of Beyond Survival.

We look forward to sharing with you as we embark on this journey as a team!!

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