Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recovering and Regrouping

We arrived in KY on Sat. morning.

We made the drive in record time: 18 1/2 hours. We actually only stopped 3 times.

Our kids were total rock star travelers with the typical sibling fighting intermingled into the mix.

We spent yesterday resting and getting everyone settled in at my parents' house.

The kids were greeted on their beds with pajamas and pillows that Grammy made for each of them.

It is HOT here, and truthfully, I LOVE IT!

The humidity can take your breath away.

I probably wouldn't like it every day of my life, but is such a nice break from the cold and wind of CO. (If you don't live there, you might not realize that even on our warm days lately, it has been so windy it hasn't been very enjoyable.)

My kids are not used to the heat. They are truly CO kids.

We are hearing things like, "It's so hot," "I can't breathe," and "My eyes are itching."

Their faces are red most of the time, they are glistening with sweat, and their allergies are going crazy.

Today we visited the church that I went to from the day it started. It is the church where Rick and I met a year later. It is the church where we started working in ministry. It is the church where we got married.

We have a lot of history there. We saw lots of familiar faces. We got to show off our big family. We heard, "I don't know how you do it," A LOT.
We felt old when we saw kids I babysat that have just graduated from college. Their parents felt old when they see that Cody is almost a teenager!!

The afternoon and evening were spent with Rick's side of the family.

All I need to say is 15 grandkids ranging in ages from 2-18(14 of them are ages 2-13!!). Total chaos and our kids loved every minute of it.

It has been good. We are resting and at the same time gearing up for our trip to Swaziland.

Only 4 more days!!

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